Custom Craftworks 9" Dual Action Face Rest w/Cushion

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This American made face rest has been a favorite for over a decade and features a slightly wider range of motion than our standard Dual Action. Fabric covered foam crescent-shaped pillow on a wooden base. A pair of 1.91 cm dowels insert into 9" on center outlet holes to attach face rest at either end of your Custom Craftworks table adding about 9" to the total length. Supports head in face down (prone) position.Allows cervical flexion. Rises and pivots vertically up and down for optimal comfort and placement of client’s head. Elevates 2" above the plane of the table, Full range of adjustment is 4"- 6". Pillow is attached with velcro strips on face rest base.

This base only fits tables where face rest holes are 9" apart, including the Athena, Omni, Feldenkrais, Elegance, Elegance Pro, Majestic, McKenzie and Hands Free.

To ensure proper fit: At the head of your massage table, measure the distance from the center of the left face rest hole to the center of the right face rest hole. Please call us if you need additional assistance.


1 Year Limited Warranty

Dimensions: 15" long, 10.5" wide, 8" high (from insert holes on table)

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

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