Fomentek Hot/Cold Water Packs

Article number: SFMC-FT100
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A Fomentek Bag offers a simple, safe and effective means of providing warm or cold therapy in home and professional settings. The Fomentek Bag is one of the most useful, general purpose health care products you will ever use. It is designed to apply comfortable, soothing thermal therapy easily and conveniently to any part of the body.  The Fomentek Bag helps to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments and is effective in warm or cold use. The reusable Fomentek Bag is non-allergenic, odor free and latex free. There are no cords or plugs. The Fomentek Bag comes in three sizes. Bag Sizes: Large (18"x24") Small (15"x18") Mini (11"x15") The large FOMENTEK bags will stay therapeutically warm for up to 2 hours. FOMENTEK bags are made of a double layer of space age polymer, which is as soft as flesh, yet strong enough to support the weights over 400 lbs. FOMENTEK bags are not harmed by any oil, linament, or ointment. It may interest you to know that there is no solvent on this planet that will destroy or weaken this material. The FOMENTEK bag even stands up to fingernail polish remover and all acids in any concentration.

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