Temple of Singing Bowls CD

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Writer, musician, meditation teacher Calverley has combined his mystical vision and creativity with renowned composer and sound designer, Stephen Bacchus and together they have created a sonic tour-de-force unlike any other previous Tibetan bowl album. This recording is an extended symphony of primal resonance using ancient bronze masterpieces from Nepal and Tibet as well as modern quartz crystal bowls. The Tibetan Bowls used in this recording are between fifty and two hundred years old, made in the time-honoured tradition with seven sacred metals, including gold, silver, copper, tin, mercury and iron. Bowls fashioned in this way resonate the vibrations of the seven planets and create an echo of the music of the spheres. Combining various recordings of these rare bowls and then digitally editing and layering them, the artists were able to extract an elemental essence not attainable by playing of the bowls in real time. The resulting rich harmonics open up a truly remarkable world of inner experience which we hope will take you to new places in your inner journey. 66 min Compact Disc

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