Nirvana Table Mate

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The Nirvana Mate is an ergonomic cushioning system that every therapist should have. The Breast Recess Feature provides comfort to women by taking pressure off of the breasts in prone position. In addition, the recess feature allows the spine to stay in better alignment which helps the client relax more fully. Massage Therapists will find their work easier because the musculature of the mid and lower back is more relaxed making palpation, pressure, and stretching easier. The Nirvana Mate folds easily in half for easy transportation and its only 3.5 lbs. We've added an extra 1/2 foam for extra padding and support and the Mate now comes with a pillow insert which can be easily replaced for supine massage or male clients. You may also leave the breast filler out during supine work for greater access to the neck and shoulder region. The Nirvana Table Mate can be used with any standard size massage table. Specifications: Width: 28” Length: 36.5” Thickness: 2.5” Weight: 3.5 lbs Features: Patented Breast Cut Out Patented Neck Recess Contour Comfortable 2.5” Padding System EverSoft Upholstery available in Agate Blue, Black, Burgundy, Teal and Eggplant or Ultraleather Buff Protected by US Patent # 8,555,437 & #D656618

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