Oakworks Storable Mat 40" w/Semi-Firm Padding

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The most stable portable table on the market! Perfect for all forms of structural work, the Storable Mat Table allows you to use good body mechanics while working on a surface as stable as the floor with its 16 inch to 25 inch height range. Oakworks patented Complementary Suspension System is the key to the incredible stiffness. ThStoreable Mat is available in 33 inch 35 inch and 40 inch widths. Bariatric rated 550lb dynamic load capacity Independent telescoping height adjustment from 16" - 25" Ultra stiff leg bracing holds up under heavy lateral force. Space saving design folds up and can be easily stowed. 33", 35" and 40" extra wide width options available. The Storable Mat includes the Oakworks exclusive Stabilizer Feet specially engineered to provide even greater stabilization of the table for large patient care and treatment. The only storable mat table on the market with a 550lb weight capacity, the Oakworks storable mat is as flexible as it is stable. Perfect for space constrained facilities where mat work is required, the storable mat table provides up to a 35" by 78" working surface while easily storing out of the way in a super-compact 35" and 40" suitcase sized space. Dynamic Load: 550 lbs. Weight: 40-45 lbs. for 33" or 35" width approx. 55 lbs. for 40" width Height Range: 16" - 25" Width: 33", 35", 40" Length: 78" Upholstery: TerraTouch Top: Rectangular Padding: Semi-Firm, Firm Choose from 20 gorgeous Oakworks vinyl colors (see our vinyl color swatch page) Shipping is Additional

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