Pisces Productions Face Rest Platform w/Memory Foam Cushion

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Double Tilt Face Rest only fits the  New Wave II, and Salon Pacifica Massage tables. Mounting rods are 11 1/2 inches wide

Our Double Tilt releases with one hand to adjust from straight, to 90 Degrees Downward.

A secondary adjustment raises the face cushion, allowing both angle and height adjustment.


All choices of fabric are stain resistant and easy to clean with mild soap and water. For tougher stains use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Formula 409 or Fantastik, and wipe clean with a damp rag.

Fabric Choices:

Soft touch (PVC) is engineered to be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected without damage to the color or finish.

Ultra Leather (PU) is a highly resilient, flexible and durable material that dissipates heat and imitates the feel of real leather.

The Pisces Productions double tilt face rest is available by itself or with the face rest cushion.

To include a cushion please select a color from the drop down list. (Memory Foam insert included with all Cushions)

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