Clove Essential Oil

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Clove essential oil, steam distilled Eugenia caryophyllata; from Indonesia; is a very warm, spicy and aromatic oil. It is most effective as an antiseptic when diffused, and is a wonder for toothaches and abscesses when dabbed on the tooth very, very carefully. Clove essential oil is a hot spice oil, and can burn if used on the skin undiluted. Clove essential oil is stimulating to the mind, enhances concentration and can act as an aphrodisiac. It blends well with lavender, bergamot, orange, vanilla, vetiver, ylang ylang and other florals. It can help sweeten some medicinal smelling blends. Clove essential oil is a great oil for potpourris and other home fragrance products. Clove is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, so extreme care should be taken when using on the skin. It must be diluted to less than .75%. Avoid during pregnancy and do not use on babies or young children. Extreme care should be taken when using on the skin.

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