Coconut Oil Unrefined - Organic Oil

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Now in a Widemouth gallon jug! This is the premium of Coconut Oils with a fresh coconut scent like you just cracked it open. Virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed, pure, natural and unrefined. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from freshly harvested coconuts using a "wet milling" process that uses neither chemicals nor high heat. The result is a clear coconut oil that retains the distinct scent of coconuts. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is an off-white to white solid at temperatures below 76 degrees F. Virgin Coconut Oil is a great ingredient for lotions and hair treatments as well as soaps. In addition, it is naturally full of antioxidants and has about a 9-12 month shelf life. Coconut oil washes out of your sheets easily!

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