Peppermint A Essential Oil

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Peppermint essential oil (Mentha arvensis), also known as Wild Mint or Cornmint, contains significantly more menthol than regular peppermint. It is dementholized by freezing to remove about 50% of the menthol in crystalline form. It is sometimes preferred over peppermint by soapmakers as Mentha arvensis essential oil possesses a strong, minty aroma. Although M. arvensis essential oil is generally not used in holistic aromatherapy work due to its very strong menthol content, it is sometimes used at very low dilutions within skin care formulations for its ability to help relieve headache and indigestion, reduce mental fatigue, increase alertness, relieve nausea, relieve itching and help maintain alertness. Origin: China, Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

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