Thumbby Massage Tool

Article number: SFMC-TH100-Blue
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The shape of the Thumbby concentrates force at the point. This means someone with weak hands and a Thumbby can put their body weight onto a thumb-sized point that never tires out. Thumbby is soft. It's comfortable to hold, and it yields the same way a thumb does when it meets resistance. Thumbby has multiple geometries for massage. You can use the point, slope, shoulder, and base of the Thumbby to find the right angle to apply pressure to a muscle. Thumbby won't slip (on dry skin). It has a higher co-efficient of friction than a thumb, which makes it better than a thumb for cross-fiber friction massage. The Thumbby sticks to walls! The base has enough suction to stick onto a smooth surface. Stick it on a wall or door-frame and massage your own back. Stick one on the floor and give yourself a fantastic foot massage! Thumbby is light in weight. At only 6 oz., it's totally portable. Any place you practice any physical activity, you should take along your it to help loosen up your muscles both before and afterwards.

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